We're proud to offer an 8-week introductory course that will help you learn how to work out. Think of this as a two-month teaching and learning seminar, after which you'll be equipped to program for yourself and work out hard while keeping yourself safe. 

This isn't the course to attend if you're just looking for a "sweat sesh." Our hope is that you'll leave empowered with the self-efficacy around fitness that serves as the foundation for lifelong movement.

  • Session 1 -- breathing
  • Session 2 -- posture
  • Session 3 -- hinging
  • Session 4 -- squatting
  • Session 5 -- horizontal pushing
  • Session 6 -- horizontal pulling
  • Session 7 -- vertical pushing
  • Session 8 -- vertical pulling

Each session builds on the previous week, and you'll do homework assignments in between with the opportunity to get feedback from your coach. You'll learn anatomy, structure, and internal cues you can use to serve as your own coach and keep yourself accountable for good form either at your commercial gym or in your own home.

Classes begin the week of September 17th, and you'll attend class once a week for eight weeks. Classes are limited to five people per evening so you'll receive individualized attention. 


Questions? Email Susan here.