• Present Tense Fitness (map)
  • 222 East 6th Street
  • Dayton, OH, 45402
  • United States

SOLD OUT. Stay tuned for information about our next Rethink the Weekend event.

We've long been troubled by the cultural narrative around what the weekend has to be about. Drinking to excess. Eating to excess. Hangovers. Regrets. There's no moral judgment here--we've been there too. It's just...what if we took the time to approach the weekend differently? What if there's another way that doesn't feel too wholesome or like you've been relegated to the children's table?

This is our first of what we hope will be monthly #rethinktheweekend events. Friday night here at Present Tense Fitness, Anna Shearer will lead you through a restorative yoga class. Heal your body after a hard week and enter the rest of the weekend with calm and purpose. Stick around for conversation, light food, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Why non-alcoholic? We love whiskey and beer here at PTF as much as anyone. But this night is about taking one night off. It's about restoration. It's about healing. It's about calming the central nervous system. Alcohol doesn't facilitate any of these things, so instead we'll come up with some alternative but delicious food and drink for you to sample.

Come rethink the weekend with us. Let's create a new narrative around what it means when Friday comes around. We hope you'll join us.

Advanced purchase only. Get your tickets before 9/14/16 at 11:59 PM.