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Why can't dancers hinge properly?

Dancers, in my experience, can move through all of the above movement patterns with ease—except for the hip hinge. It’s fascinating to see professional athletes who have never learned how to hinge properly, because the muscles that move our hips into extension are critical for explosive movements. Want to jump higher? Move with power and grace across the stage? You need a strong butt, and you need strong hamstrings. Want to do all of these things without injuring your back? You need a strong butt, and you need strong hamstrings.

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Serratus Anterior and Dancer Shoulder Health

Sahrmann goes on to write that she “has found that impaired control of the scapula by the serratus anterior muscle is common.” My young dancer client for right now is asymptomatic, but my job as a strength and conditioning coach is to make sure she learns how to use her serratus anterior so that we can avoid any problems before they start. Otherwise, she’ll be the dancer who complains of shoulder issues, or worse, hurts herself lifting a heavy bag above her head when she’s traveling to perform or audition.

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